My crisis snacks

Not in any particular order of preference, I will present to you what I have in my fridge/pantry in case I get hungry and it’s late and or I already ate.

It’s very important to have in hand at least some of them (I’ve inspired myself from other dieting sites), to avoid temptations. Do not eat chips, candy or other such foods. When you’re hungry and it’s not yet mealtime, eat one of these, and you’ll see that in 20-30 minutes your craving magically disappears.

  • Pineapple / canned pineapple – preferably the first one, but the second is better than eating a chocolate bar
  • Cereal bars – look for the ones that have around 80 calories per bar
  • Figs, dates – as a snack, take a maximum of 1-2 because they have many calories but decrease sugar cravings
  • Green Apples
  • Oranges
  • Kiwi
  • Popcorn – 30-40 grams per snack is ok, the ones with salt have fewer calories than the ones with butter
  • Skim yoghurt with müsli
  • A cup of skim milk (max 2% fat) with cereals
  • Carrots
  • Almonds / nuts / Cashew / Hazelnuts – 4-5 suffice.

Other ideas:


This is my crisis solution (it is good to be armed and ready), I am not talking about the 2 snacks per day, between meals, that’s extra.

For daily snacks I will suggest some ideas in another post.


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