The next 11 steps


The following steps are the ones which have the fastest and the best outcome, but they are also the hardest. You must remember that if you find it difficult to follow them, the transition can be done gradually. If you fail to follow one or two of the rules some days, is not the end of the world, remember that you are doing it for yourself and within your comfort limits.

1. Eliminate carbohydrates. Stop eating bread, rice, pasta, potatoes. If you really feel the need to eat them, replace them with whole grain products. Carbohydrates turn into sugar in your blood flow and, as I have said it before, sugar is not good for your body. At first it will be difficult, but in time you will get used to it and you will not feel the need anymore. DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF. Removing them from your diet gradually rather than eliminating suddenly may stop you from thinking that you can not live without them and give up. I’ve been eating rice cakes, pita bread, polenta in small quantities. It has been years since I’ve started avoiding carbohydrates and I’m feeling fine and do not miss them.

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2. Eliminate sugar and desserts. That was the hardest step for me, but you will see that sugar acts like a drug: after a period in which you remove it from your diet, you will not have sugar cravings anymore. Sugar and products which contain sugar have many calories and do not bring any benefit to your body.

3. Eliminate super processed foods. For example, biscuits, cakes, sausages, canned, ready meals, etc. I’ve heard many things such as: don’t buy anything that has a TV commercial or don’t buy anything that has more than 5 ingredients. Prepare your food at home, and pack more fruits and vegetables instead of bagels and croissants.

4. Eliminate fried foods and fast-food. Is there any confusion left here? The oil contains a lot of calories. Try to replace this way of cooking with boiling, grilling or baking. If you can not help, replace the sunflower oil with olive oil/coconut oil but avoid frying as possible.

5. Eat a big breakfast. In numerous clinical studies, it has been proven that people who skip breakfast tend to consume more calories throughout the day. This is what I have noticed too, because, besides the gastritis I had after drinking coffee on an empty stomach, I wasn’t losing any weight either. Breakfast is the most important part of the day. I’ll post ideas for quick and nutritious breakfasts, because I know how hard it is to take your time in the morning to sit and eat. My breakfast every day contains around 300 calories, but it’s consistent.


6. Allow yourself one day per week for cravings. That’s what helped me the most to keep me focused on my weight loss plan. Also, it is what kept me mentally sane 🙂 . On that day you can eat anything you want with unlimited quantities. You will be looking forward to that day, you’ll feel it like a reward and you will enjoy more the food you are eating. That day, over time, can be turned into one meal per week, then one meal every 1 to 2 weeks and so on. It can be a meal per month, the important thing is for you to resist and you feel good, not seeing diet as a punishment, but as something you do for yourself, and at the end of a hard-working week you expect a reward.

7. Subscribe to all  diet sites and check your email frequently. The whole problem with the extra weight is psychological, because the body can survive properly with much less food. But we are always surrounded by temptations, sweets and super processed products. If you are bombarded daily with emails about weight loss, you will implant the idea so deep in your subconscious, that will be much easier to follow your goals. I installed on my phone many applications that send me daily motivational messages like “you can do it”, “you want me to lose weight”, “Refrain from sweets” etc.

8. Set your goals and the rewards when you reach them. For example, when I lose 2 pounds I will buy a bag, when I lose 5 pounds I will make an appointment at the spa, when I lose 30 pounds I will change my wardrobe because it will be necessary. 🙂 Try to set achievable goals by calculating the loss of about 2 pounds per week, otherwise you risk to be discouraged.

9. Make a motivational album. With pictures of skinny girls, motivational quotes, any pictures that make you say “wow, I want to be like that”. View them as often as possible.


10. Make a motivational album with attractive pictures of diet meals. In time, after viewing those pictures, you will be craving for those foods. Because you do not hear often “I’m craving a salad or some grilled chicken or some cookies with oatmeal” but “I’m craving junk food, cakes” etc. Speaking of this, if you see any picture like this, shut it quickly, avoid any temptation. If you pass a fast food look elsewhere. On Pinterest, for example, are a lot of these type of photos, even step by step photo recipes that could open your appetite. To eat healthy you must educate your brain and senses: sight (you are attracted by healthy foods), smell (eg, now I get sick from the smell of fried foods) even tactile (when you place your hands on some fresh vegetables) and hearing (again, I do not like hearing the sound of frying).

By the way, follow me on Pinterest: adorbijouxx for exciting recipe ideas that don’t make you feel like you are dieting.

11. As I have previously stated, what you see is influencing what you eat. So one thing is to arrange a nice salad and one thing is to toss all the ingredients in it. Have a nice palette of colors, place it on your most beautiful plate, etc. The stronger the visual impact, the higher the appetite, even if it is a dish that you do not usually enjoy. No wonder the restaurants are paying a lot of attention to plating.



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