What not to eat (what makes us fat)


Let’s review …

1. Bread, pasta, rice – sources of carbohydrates and calories, somewhere around 400 calories per 100 grams. Do you know how many calories are in 1 kg of carrots? Around 400 calories, just like almost all vegetables (except potatoes, of course). Do you prefer to eat 100 grams of pasta or 1 kg of carrots? Which will make you feel fuller?

Replace them with vegetables cooked in every way possible, whether raw, in salads, boiled, grilled, in the oven. Reward yourself at the end of the meal with a light yogurt with fruit or light chocolate pudding (it has fewer calories, even instant pudding done with milk 0% fat, attention to portion size and calories!)

2. Sweets – they have a lot of calories and do not bring any benefit to the body. My advice is to gradually reduce them until elimination. Think that for the 5-10 minutes it takes you to eat a slice of cake, your image suffers for weeks! Is it worth it?

3. Fried foods – oil contains many calories and it is the enemy of diets. Healthier and lighter alternatives are baking, grilling or cooking in the oven.


4. Super processed foods. I read somewhere that when you go shopping, you should not buy anything that has on the label more than 5 ingredients. I focus not necessarily on this, but: biscuits, pretzels, croissants, snacks, marshmallows, chocolate, etc., contain a lot of calories, so I do not buy them. Exception: dark chocolate, but it can be consumed in moderation, one square should be enough to chase away sweet cravings.

5. Fast food – is there something more to add here? Fast food successfully checks points 1, 3 and 4, sometimes even point 2. There are many diet recipes for hamburger, chicken wraps etc. I’m pampering myself from time to time with a diet chicken wrap recipe that I will post soon.

6. Sodas– contain a high amount of sugar, the carbonated ones even bloat you, and the fruits are so processed that it feels like they have no connection with the real fruits anymore.

I know that these seem a lot of restrictions, but the outcome will be worth it. Imagine yourself 3 months from now if you follow these steps. It will be worth it, trust me. Here you can find healthy meal suggestions.


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