Because I want to know my readers and because I want to create a community where we will all win the battle against extra weight, I decided to create a page where you can share YOUR story. I want to communicate with you and help you in every way that I can.

Let’s help and support each other and expand our knowledge about healthy living and weight loss. Nothing motivates you more than other people’s stories an support. We are all human, we all make mistakes and maybe this way we can learn from the mistakes other people did.

You can share with us in the comment section the story of what motivated you to want to start losing weight, what diets you have tried, why did they fail (if they did),  ideas, tips and tricks that worked for you, your opinions about eating healthy, what you think may discourage you to live a healthy life, advice for other readers, etc.

Also, you can tell me about what type of posts you want to see more: tips and advice, meal plans, motivational posts, diet recipes (and what type of recipes), anything extra you may want to see on my blog.

The best stories will make it to the front page!

Insert your comment here and let me customize the blog according to my readers.



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