My success story

Height: 1.74 m

Starting weight: 85 kg (187 lbs)

Current weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)

  In a world where obesity is more of a problem than hunger, where almost all the large companies dictate what we eat and more important, where looks are more important than personality or even brains (sadly, but true), I decided to start a blog to help women everywhere lose weight without getting hungry, depressive or paying a lot of money for things that are advertised as being good and they aren’t.

  I have tried a lot of diets, many of them failed because of the frustration I felt by being hungry all the time or because I didn’t have enough time to cook all the recipes or simply because I had cravings. Yes, I have always had a lot of cravings, especially a sweet tooth (don’t we all?). I have always had a slow metabolism, little to no time to invest in myself, and said “Oh well, people will love me just the way I am”. I had no hope that this will change, but it did.

  Being overweight is a huge confidence destroyer, especially when you see thin girls in tight skirts. But I will try to share all my secrets with you to help you lose weight. I do not call it DIET, I call it eating healthy.


  As you may already found out by now, losing weight depends on each and every person, so you cannot say that a diet can work wonders for everyone. From the diets I have tried during these years, I took only what worked for me.

 DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED IF YOU DON’T GET IT ON THE FIRST TRY!!! For example, if you start eating healthy one day, and the next day you eat a whole pizza, don’t quit! It is ok! Start again the next day! You can do it! It took me weeks to really start eating healthy. Do not think that this is something like a punishment, you will be rewarding your body with nutrients and vitamins it didn’t receive in a long time. You will feel SO PROUD of yourself that finding low calories recipes and healthy tips will become a hobby and a way of life rather than a thing you have to do just to lose weight.


  Also, on this blog I will emphasize that calorie intake is MORE IMPORTANT THAN WORKOUT when trying to lose weight. Do not get me wrong, exercise is very important for health, but it doesn’t help you lose a lot of weight. From my experience, what you eat is 80% and exercise is 20%. So do not get frustrated if you go to the gym and you do not lose weight when you have the same calorie intake as before. I lost 21 kg by now (I have more to go) and I only started exercising lately. (I have always been a couch potato, sadly)

  Step by step, I will try to help you lose weight as fast and as healthy as possible, and you won’t even notice that you are dieting.

  Let’s do it!


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